Display List is working


So far I’ve been working on a hardcoded display mode handling, during development of VPU firmware. Today I implemented ANTIC-like Display List.

For now with blank line and Mode3 instructions only, but it allows to configure and display bitmap mode like on an Atari8 machine.

hardcoded MODE3 display list

(Until I move to a board with memory chips, it is still hardcoded in Pico memory.)

Here’s a test picture generated using above display list code (and bitmap+color data):

The Mill by Veto, converted to X65

With a DL modified with empty-lines instructions, to create a simple demo-like effect:

display list generated empty lines during display

I’ve scratched most of ANTIC modes and have only 6 Commodore_TED-like modes + two high-resolution special modes.

This allows me to have some more special DL instructions. I’ve used 5 of 8 already and have place for 3 more. Any suggestions?